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About the Biopolitics Blog

This blog provides succinct, science-backed, and layman-friendly articles designed to help people make sense of our bewildering and increasingly deranged modern world.

Disinformation is everywhere and The Powers That Be have distorted language to the point that many people cannot explain modern social phenomena, or even the basic facts of reality (“what is a woman?”).

If you feel that something is “not quite right with the world” (understatement of the century), then this blog is for you. Yes, your gut instincts are correct. No, you are not insane. Do not be gaslighted by our corrupt, lying rulers who claim exclusive rights to “Science” and “Truth.”

What is Biopolitics?

Biopolitics (biology + politics) is the theory that ‘life’ (Greek: “bíos”) is the foundation of politics. Biological factors exert substantial influence on human behavior; our personalities are around 50% genetic. Human society cannot be explained or understood without taking biology into account.

Why Biopolitics?

Western Civilization has been driven to madness by the biology-denying blank slateism that has dominated our political and academic worlds since around the 1960s and 1920s, respectively. If this death spiral continues, we may see a civilizational collapse within our lifetimes.

Biopolitics is — or will become — the most important field of the 21st Century. It encompasses every major political conflict of our era: Sex, race, social engineering, genetic modification, transhumanism, and the technocratic micromanagement of all life on Earth.

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